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Waterproofing System

Excavation consists of digging out all the dirt that sits by the walls down to footer level; replacing the footer tiles, sealing the walls, covering that with gravel and backfilling with soil to grade level.

Waterproofing System

In this scenario, work is performed from the inside of the basement. The floor is opened next to the outside walls, and drain tile is installed and surrounded by gravel. The pipe is connected to a sump pump, which discharges the water.

Interior & Subsurface
Waterproofing System

In this scenario, work is performed from both the inside of the basement and below grade externally. 

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We specialize in exterior and interior basement waterproofing. We can transform your musty, damp, and leaky basement into a dry, usable space. As one of the trusted waterproofing contractors in the area, we guarantee quick and responsive services with a quality finish.

With solutions like stone foundation repair, exterior/interior leaking wall repair, and wall replacements, we can help you solve any foundation repair issues you may have

Masonry work can make your home more valuable. Stone, brick and block are durable and beautiful; they add a designer touch to any home.

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