Masonry Repair Services

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When you discover cracks in your masonry wall, it's important you discover, evaluate and address the cause of the wall deflection. Sealers, strips and patches are hardly effective. We offer repairs for bricks, stone, and block foundations in the greater Boston area including tuckpointing.

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Stone Foundation Repair

Cracks in your foundation masonry wall may be due to settlement, expansive soil, pressure on the wall from unstable backfill, pressure from frost, or pressure from external groundwater. Any of these potential causes can be a serious issue and if not addressed, the problem will only get worse over time. We can provide foundation repair services to homeowners in the Boston, Lakeville, Cambridge, Shrewsbury, Weymouth, Burlington, and Reading areas. To avoid the potential of a total wall collapse, it's important to have these cracks inspected as soon as possible by an expert and have any type of foundation repairs necessary performed..

Natural Stone

Stone is a very versatile material - it's beautiful, long lasting, weathers years of abuse and requires little maintenance. We have years of experience with installing stone foundations and repairing stone foundations. We also provide stone facing and stone detailing services. Stone and masonry products reflect heat which helps keep cooling costs down.

Brick, Block, Block Foundations

Brick is one of the most durable and strongest building materials. It's no wonder why it is has consistently been a popular choice for construction for thousands of years. One only needs to look at Egyptian history to see the incredible durability of this material. Keller Waterproofing can help you with all of your brick construction projects. Call us to find out how we can make your home more structurally sound with our brick products.

Tuckpointing Services for Brick Homes

We offer tuck pointing services for brick homes. There are times when you will need to have the mortar between bricks replaced to keep your home safe from the elements. Although the process of tuckpointing can require a lot of time, it is often necessary extremely important because mortar joints strongly influence the longevity of your brick exterior. While the bricks on your home may last hundreds of years, the mortar itself may only last 25 years. It's for this reason that mortar joints often need to be redone. Tuck-pointing (also called repointing) will help your walls resist water penetration and can also improve the aesthetic aspect of your home and increase the actual value too.

Block foundations are known to be similar to poured concrete foundations, in terms of strength – as long as they are installed properly. You can strengthen concrete block walls by including reinforcing steel; Keller Waterproofing has a complex set of techniques which has as main goal to make sure that the work done by our professionals deliver you a long lasting result.

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